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As pollution levels soar…

Image of pollution levels in London

As pollution levels soar…

… so are the levels of particulate material in the air we breathe

With the continuous growth of the world’s population, technology and industry, increasingly large numbers and multiple types of particulate material, including pathogenic microorganisms, are generated and released into the air. As a result, the number of diseases and the number of outbreaks are increasing.

Indoor air pollution isn’t only a problem in the workplace, it can also be a problem in the home too. In some settings, exposure to much higher concentrations of certain air pollutants and dangerous bio aerosols can be detrimental to the health and well-being of everyone.

Our compact, stylish, portable and energy efficient plug and play air purification solution permanently removes viruses, bacteria, harmful dust, fine dust, pollen and fungi from the air (for full list, please see page 3 of our Premium Virus Free Air brochure), allowing everyone to breathe in clean healthy air. It comes with a built-in sensor for optimal performance and an activated carbon filter that eliminates gases and nasty odours. No more nasty whiffs!

The air purifier is versatile, it can be wall mounted, free standing and portable. This means it can be moved from room to room effortlessly. It’s suitable for use in offices, hospitals, waiting areas, isolation rooms, care homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, classrooms, retail outlets, and many more as well as in the home.

Check out what the air purifier will filter, kill and contain below!

Virus Free Air Brochure Cover
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Exhaust fumes
What does it filter pollens
Smells and odours
House Mites
Fines dust


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